Don't Rush The Paint Job

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When your getting ready to paint your restoration project it can be very exciting to have the project to this stage. You will need to take a deep breath and think about what approach is needed to have a professional looking paint job on your project.
 I have made the mistake of rushing to paint my project and did not think it through.
I was going to paint the car that was my project and was really wanting to see the color on the car. All of the parts were setup to spray. I had the doors laying 
on stands along with the fenders,hood, trunk lid and valance panel. We sprayed the rear quarter panels and roof. I was spraying the car in a light blue metallic that had gold flakes 
in the formula. 
 Here was the problem: 

The rear of the car was sprayed as it would be how it would be seen. The other parts are not seen laying flat so the metallic is not seen laying flat they will be seen 
hanging on the car which will reflect the metallic in a different reflection when light reflects off of the gold flakes, which makes it look like a different color. 
 The good thing is that we realized this before installing any of the parts back on the project, but we did have to sand the doors and fenders and respray in the position they would 
be on the car, with the hood and truck laying flat in the position they would be on the car we did not have to respray those parts. Had we not realized the mistake and 
reassembled the doors and other items it would have been a very frustrating situation, not to mention a lot more of an expense - in time and materials.
 Always spray the parts as they will be on the car. If you are spraying a metallic color, hang the doors and fenders in the position they will be seen when installed 
on the car.
Hope to see you cruisin,
 Allen Frasier 
Goat Soup
4600 West Wall Street
Midland, TX


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Don't Rush The Paint Job

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This article was published on 2010/11/24